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a wannabe Gotama Siddharttha


Arch-Devil Tango

Okay, so we've got the dance floor
Dance floor
This is so inebriating

God damn, cut the lights and cut the soundtrack
My head can't focus on the underground pulse that is the vein of the Earth
I am ...let's cut corners and [insert an original statement here]

My senses have been fucked with, I can tell because my eardrums now register smells
And when I touch the cubes of ice that lay inside the tray upon my freezer's rack
I feel the heat of the stove-top fire, that's burning across the room
And when I rest, my body set out of motion, I can feel the floor(dance of course) beneath my feet

I can feel. The period. At the end of the sentence. Of course to her would be the end of the month.

The sentence comes a bit too early this year, and the comma's and the tap shoes were always on sale by September.

Whomever needed them before fall was quite the spender.

It's late, my feet ache with the coals and brimstone.

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