a wannabe Gotama Siddharttha (_____discostarr) wrote in futuresxsutures,
a wannabe Gotama Siddharttha


Machinery for President

It’s a scandal in Pleasantville, Peasantville
New York, Washington
Chicago, San Francisco
Land of the RED and the BLUE
And throw in the rest of the colour spectrum while you’re at it
It’s all theoretical anyway
There’s no truth to stand on, or fact to build on
There’s no lie to swim in or scandal to hide behind
The newspaper is firewood and it trails behind the Campaign trail
Because trail after trail is where I hiked along the south side
Human error is a concept that is fleeting
I’m not quite sure that it’s worth the investigation
Mr. Matrimony wants to put forth
Issue, the orders dear boy because the light went out long ago
So to hell with regards, sweet symphony, and pro-creation
I’m moving out west to the Promise Lands
Where a dollar fifty can get you home and back again
It takes too much effort to stand on one leg and a crutch
It takes too much protocol to travel by airplane, anymore
It takes too many pens for a protocol
It takes too many years for a protocol
It takes too many eyes for a protocol
I call ratification, day one
I bled to death from the button you pinned on me
Machinery for Office!
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