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a wannabe Gotama Siddharttha


Dedicated to Taylor

You Bore The Ocean

Iron wires
SUV tires
Poker chips & film negatives

I can feel nutrition within these bones
I can hear the gossip on the phone
And though, and though, that this rhymes so contently
There's a convience store nearby that's in need of a robbing

I believe
That the earth and sea
Were once created, singularly
And only when you were born did it split into two
There were hares in the air and crocodiles on the mountaintops

I conspired
In your demise, I mean creation
Is it that obvious that I haven't chose a side

Counselman please approach the bench
Because the case that you have chosen to represent
Is in strict violation of the ordinance
H-409 that's stating whence
The defendent is a convict that has spent six tenths
Of his life in a penitentary that records violence
He must hereby be condemned to a federal sentence
That is oh so severe, you don't even want to hear the extent of the sentence that this fellow must be sentenced to

Electric Chairs
Static hairs
Your eyes reflect the bounty of the ocean blue

Et cetera
Continue with the legislation

Continue with this legislation, well then please support your objection
Out turn I feel, I shall hold you in contempt of my home, of my arms, oh my skin, of my blood and my veins

No sir I won't plead insane
I feel that is below me

However the pistol, in the cabinet upon my gin and tonic sit, is not
I'm being precise
And jumping to conclusions
Oh darling I fear for the worst!

We've got time I think
To ride our bikes once more

Hold my hand (request, not command)

Don't make me say it, it's been overused, just like you

I think I've fallen in love, yes dear I've fallen in love

With the shade of the sand that sits where you were born
With the tint of the sky that rides the solar beams high
That bears my children
That bears my wife and soul
That bears my husband and my future and my muscle and my tractor, oh!

I think I've fallen in love with you, how predicatble.
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