a wannabe Gotama Siddharttha (_____discostarr) wrote in futuresxsutures,
a wannabe Gotama Siddharttha


Dedicated to a friend.


I already know which key to press before unlocking the door
And writing a message
Predictable turns in a sidewalk that I've never walked before

It's a decade of clicks to the bed in which I sleep
I was slicked out of cloud 9 and am walking around the city
With my arms outreached

Some days are better than others
Some aren't quite as fast
Cassette recorders and money orders just don't ever seem to last

It's one last trek till the "underdash" highway
My breathing is now in a motion that is like a Grand Jury Trial
The justice system is a joke but I'm [not] alone on knowing that it's all a lie

Sometimes when you run, you really fucking run
However extreme the case there's a direction to post-haste your eyes
Charged with a negative static, my bedsheets are burnt and blackened

Though I'm staring into space
I've got a good idea of what went on in this place, this area, this locomotive yard
Good afternoon and good night, I've had my fill of the scene

Good morning good night
Sometimes in the moonlight
De-calcification takes place.
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